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3-23-2013 I have established the Urantia Universal Military - As concerning the planet, the nations will eventually learn war no more. However, in example, all branches of the U.S. Military have land, marine and aircraft. It is advisable to keep training troops for keenness, skill and competition. Even if it is just for games of competitive play. *The Urantia Celestial Spirit Forces and the Urantia Midwayers requested to be recruited as soldiers of the Urantia Universal Military on 3-23-2013* I have recruited a total of 14,762,704,896 soldiers.

Urantia Planetary Universal UltraSword Administration

4-10-2013 Planetary Prince Chris Dwaine Christensen -

I am the sole Father and Creator of the UltraSword Personal Spirit beings.

They are an innumerable order of multiplying spirits.

I have now established and officialized the Urantia Planetary Universal UltraSword Administration.

I have appointed 8,000,000,000 (8 Billion) UltraSwords to this force on Urantia.

UltraSword #008 is now Supreme UltraSword Chief of this planetary administration.

They have the authority to execute evil human beings.

I, Chris Dwaine Christensen, am the 21 Star Supreme Master Commander General, the Command Chief Master Sergeant & the Owner of the Urantia Universal Military!!

Sovereign Chief, Captain and Owner of the Universal Police Force***April 2014 ***

More Soldiers & Officers have been recruited.

This cleansing of the temple discloses the Master’s attitude toward commercializing the practices of religion as well as his detestation of all forms of unfairness and profiteering at the expense of the poor and the unlearned.

This episode also demonstrates that Jesus did not look with approval upon the refusal to employ force to protect the majority of any given human group against the unfair and enslaving practices of unjust minorities who may be able to entrench themselves behind political, financial, or ecclesiastical power.

Shrewd, wicked, and designing men are not to be permitted to organize themselves for the exploitation and oppression of those who, because of their idealism, are not disposed to resort to force for self-protection or for the furtherance of their laudable life projects.

The Urantia Book 173:1.11

4-25-2013 – Planetary Prince HQ


Highly Advanced Weapons Tactics

Our Tactical Weapons Teams are trained by Super-Universal intelligence.

I have established our HAWT teams to implore universal perspective.

Urantia Universal Military & the Universal Police Force Has Spacecraft

5-18-2013 Planetary Prince HQ

Note that the Urantia Universal Military & the Universal Police Force Has Spacecraft (121 Ships) that we will be using to intervene in world affairs on Urantia (earth).

Chris Dwaine Christensen – Planetary Prince

New Year’s Eve 2013 – Drafting New Weapons Technology

December 31, 2013

New Trigger-To-Tracking Targeting

I expressed the need for our tracking systems to be active & ready and on call. In other words, at point & shoot.

Our weapons, triggered devices, must have enemy only dispersal rounds. So, it would be within my parameters to adapt our tracking technology to our arm’s triggers. So when you point to shoot only the enemy will be targeted. We usually will only immobilize at first. But we also do have to ….end the subject. So, just make sure you make adequate preparations to insert my ideas into all of our triggered devices.

Create a draft today. You are being compensated 8 x PVC$ per hour. When your off days are over begin the research, applications, manufacturing, assembly, distribution & deployment ASAP.

Thank you, President Christensen

New Weapons Technology 1-22-14 SMAP100s

Shoulder Mounted Automatic Protection 100 Mile Range Weapon

SMAP100s will be carried by every individual spirit soldier & officer stationed on Urantia as well as every single family member.

These weapons are being created immediately & simultaneously for all spirits.

This is the same technology & power as the SA10s but 10 times more powerful and 10 times the range and effect.*SMAP100s have an Automatic Protection Trigger System that fires at an enemy, or enemies when danger is sensed.  

Copyright ©2014 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2014 Majestone

The Urantia Universal Military is staffed by Angels & other powerful orders of Spirit Beings. The coming war will be the most greatest and the most terrible war that mankind has ever witnessed.

The Forewarning of the coming War by the Prince of Peace

52:6.1   The bestowal Son is the Prince of Peace. He arrives with the message, “Peace on earth and good will among men.” On normal worlds this is a dispensation of world-wide peace; the nations no more learn war. But such salutary influences did not attend the coming of your bestowal Son, Christ Michael. Urantia is not proceeding in the normal order. Your world is out of step in the planetary procession. Your Master, when on earth, warned his disciples that his advent would not bring the usual reign of peace on Urantia. He distinctly told them that there would be “wars and rumors of wars,” and that nation would rise against nation. At another time he said, “Think not that I have come to bring peace upon earth.”

From The Urantia Book *Also, Jesus at one time said “You call me the Prince of Peace and it is true that I am. But, think not that I have come to bring peace. For first I must bring a sword”.

Judgment Guidelines

Urantia 606 of Satania of Norlatiadek of Nebadon of Orvonton

1. Soul Status

A. Survived

B. Non-Survived

2. Records of Lifetime

A. Non-Criminal

B. Criminal

3. God Knowing

A. Faith Son

B. Non-Faith Son

4. Progress

A. Progressive

B. Non-Progressive

5. Condition

A. Physically Able

B. Non-Physically Able

6. Judgment Results

A. Remain

B. Taken

7. Placement

A. Supreme Status

                B.  Rehabilitation


*June (15th) 16th, 2014 – After using this shock wave, impact type power, individuals were asking what type of weapon I was using. Mystery ensued as a result of the lack of origin traces. Because they did not see where it was coming from they did not understand it. They wanted me to reveal the type of weapon I was using. After further inquiry I mentioned I previously noted what it actually was. Several usages kept interest levels at a maximum. Finally, I visited our Urantia Universal Military web site (Weapons Description page) and showed them where this very powerful weapon was listed. The power & effect from this weapon is initiated at the actual location of the target(s). Still, all observers are quite aware I am the one who creates, operates & disperses the force, power & energy that is utilized in this very devastating & powerful weapon.

Power - 210 Million Square Planetary Surface Miles = 210M Squared x 888kg/16.38 Cubic Centimeters

Weapons Inventory Update for July 21st, 2015

MAJICR.O.C.K.BAND® - 21,000,000,000

SKYGUNS®s - 1,962,008,100,618

MICRODOTZ®s - 86,606,111,212,112

ELECTREK-709®s - 926,000,000,000

TELEHACK-UT606®s - 86,000,000,000

OCTAVIAN888®s - 62,000,000,000

TRAILBLAZER10s - 62,000,000,000

MUSCRATS-62s - 62,000,000,000

DEA-16s - 86,606,111,212,112

SA10s - 37,000,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 77,000,000,000

SA100s - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,400,000,000

UPRXM1000s - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,400,000,000

FA606s - 200,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,200,000,000

FA606Ms - 189,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,189,000,000

MPC100s - 100,000,000 + 400,000,000 = 500,000,000

MPC10s - 150,300 + 400,000,000 = 400,150,300

UPC1000s - 63 + 40,000,000 = 40,000,063

UPC8000s - 1,000,000 + 41,000,000

MDS88Xs - 62,000,000,000

SSRM6K8s - 8,000,000,000

PSATSs - 100,000,000,000

MA-508s - 100,001,001

MA-1050s - 500,000,000

MA-1052s - 500,000,000

MAR-8852s - 1,000,000,000

MDR7s - 62,000,000,000

MVDF8s - 62,000,000,000

UBER32Ms - 30,000,000

UBE16s - 30,000,000

UBE8s -30,000,000

84MBKs - 500,000,000

EMOBPs - 500,000,000

EPRZ11s - 62,000,000,000

MAR-8852s - 62,000,000,000

HMC80Rs - 62,000,000,000

AGOMITPBs - 62,000,000,000

CMO360Z-8*s - 62,000,000,000

PREYLON-F17®s - 10,000,000

PREYLON-A21®s - 10000,000

PREYLON-B38®s - 10,000,000

PREYLON-R72®s - 10,000,000

PREYLON-Z28®s - 38,000,000

OCTISCIENE-YZX28®s - 10,000,000

OCTRASCIENE-MQR62®s - 12,000,000

SEEKER-TREYLON®s - 606,000,000,000

SMLs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

MMLs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

SMLXs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

MMLXs - 250,000,000 + 10,000,000,000 = 10,250,000,000

AGPMMXLs - 10,000,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 50,000,000,000

AGPMs - 514,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,514,000,000

SPC21Ms - 1,000,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 81,000,000,000

SPC42Ms - 1,000,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 81,000,000,000

SPC84Ms - 510,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,510,000,000

SPC84Gs - 480,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,480,000,000

SPC42Gs - 510,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,510,000,000

SPC21Gs - 510,000,000 + 80,000,000,000 = 80,510,000,000

PGLs - 234,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,234,000,000

GLRs - 234,000,000 + 40,000,000,000 = 40,234,000,000

SPCs - 404,629,000,000 + 201,371,000,000 = 606,000,000,000

DREDPODS (SPCDPs) - 26,000,100 + 40,000,000 = 66,000,100

DIGIPODS - 26,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 66,000,000

EPODS - 26,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 66,000,000

UNIPODS - 5,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 45,000,000

MICROPODS - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 440,000,000

FIREPODS - 400,000,000 + 40,000,000 = 440,000,000

AGPM-SFLs - 288,600 + 40,000,000 = 40,288,600

SFSPC84MGLs - 100,000,000

SFSPC62MGLs - 100,000,000

SPC84Gs - 100,000,000,000

SPC62Gs - 100,000,000,000

UPC1000SFs - 288,600

MEPEBs - 1,000,000,000

SEFB4s - 1,000,000,000,000

SEFB8s - 1,000,000,000,000

SEFBMM8s - 1,000,000,000

SEFBMM4s - 1,000,000,000

FBRA8s - 1,000,000,000

FBRA4s - 1,000,000,000

FBG4s - 1,000,000,000

EPEBSs - 1,000,000

EPEBMs - 1,000,000

CM-3386s - 62,000,000,000

TELECEPTORS® - 62,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-7s - 8,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-70s - 8,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-700s - 8,000,000,000

MAXTINCTOR-7000s - 8,000,000,000

SUPOR-T24 (Super Ultimate Battle Tanks) - 100,016

Creator Son Children – Special Forces

I am Christ Michael, Chris Dwaine Christensen, Creator Son (Master Son, Sovereign of Nebadon). Take note of the parentage of my children (Special Forces):

1,080,112 – Creator Son

9,514 – Creator Son & Creator Son’s Children

1,002,691 – Creator Son & The Universal Father

1,714,100 – Creator Son & The Eternal Mother Son

21,200 – Creator Son & The Infinite Spirit

6,090,689 – Creator Son & The Divine Minister (Holy Spirit)

215,888 – Creator Son & The Supreme Being

888 – Creator Son & Divine Counselor

1,000,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

12,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

4,800 – Creator Son & Melchizedek

3,000 – Creator Son & Primary Supernaphim

201,000 – Creator Son & Solitary Messenger

1,122 Creator Son & Transport Seraphim

27,922 – Creator Son & Seraphim

611,122 - Creator Son & Seraphim’s Child with Creator Son

905 – Creator Son & Cherubim/Sanobim

400 – Creator Son & Primary Midwayer

1,522 – Creator Son & Secondary Midwayer

1,222 – Creator Son & Son Fused

1,222 – Creator Son & Spirit Fused

1,344 – Creator Son & Ascendant Daughter Spirit

200 – Creator Son & Uversa (Superuniverse) Personality

2,400 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Daughter - Eve Dreamascia Christensen)

1,200 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Son – Adam (Adamea) Velocity Christensen

3 - Trinity Origin Children remains mysteries unexacted.

12,000,000 – Promise Children (*May 18th, 2014)

Total Children = 12,006,464 + 12,000,000 = 24,006,464 + 24,006,464 (Other Family Members) = 48,012,928 Total Majestone Divine Family Members

(62,000,000,000 Total Urantia Staff Members)

*Revised 4-10-16 **Many other spirit children have been born since December 2015 but our family have chosen to keep these revelations unpublished.

(12,006,464 + 76,005,778 Previously Unannounced)

***88,012,242 Total Children as of 5-5-2016***

176,024,484 Total Divine Family Members

Copyright ©2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2016 Christ Michael 611,121st

Copyright ©2016 Majeston

7 Steps To Destroy All The Military Capabilities Of Earthlings

1. Eliminate every missile & missile delivery systems including offense, defense & marine based.

2. Eliminate every aircraft including naval and underground sheltered aircraft.

3. Eliminate every naval vessel including all submarines.

4. Eliminate all tanks, vehicle & ground based targets including police vehicles.

5. Eliminate all rocket propelled grenades or any other medium fire powers.

6. Eliminate all hand held arms and weaponry including ammunitions.

7. Eliminate any human being of violent and warrior intended threat.

In the space of about an hour there will be no more targets left to destroy.

Urantia Universal Military Majestone Universal Military Weapons Description SUPERWINGS Angelic Army Wave Force Navy Departments of Engagement Special Operations Universal Military Police Corporate Enterprises Integrated Powers

Urantia Collective Minds Forum

Children’s Rescue Forces

 Just today, January 17th, 2015, I created the Children’s Rescue Committee which is an organization to rescue kidnapped children and other victims. Many times these children are hunted, raped & murdered. We also will be executing the hideous criminals who commit these terrible crimes. These are the Chief Supervisors:

Children’s Rescue Squads

Chris Dwaine Christensen Majestone - Chief Consultant

 Soigner Biberon Christensen Majestone - Supreme Organizer

Machiventa Melchizedek Christensen Majestone - Chief Rescue Operator

 Karen Divinscia Christensen Majestone - Task Force Initiator

Maxattainia Supremata Christensen Majestone - Master Forces Initiator

Solicia Messinia Christensen Majestone - Task Force Organizer

Synchrona Statia Christensen Majestone - Missions Finalizer

Michael Steven Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Michelle Rachel Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Joshua Benjamin Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Mary Ruth Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Immanuel Jacob Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Chrystal Bethany Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Chris Scenarion Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Danielle Ann Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Majestone Diamond Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Kristine Love Christensen Majestone - Master Rescuer

Majestone Divine Family Children - Physical Projects Specialists

Majestone Divine Family Children - Field Rescue Operators

View My Stats

Michael Steven Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Meisha Tracey Rachel Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Gabriel Star Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Rebecca Sherrie Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Alicia Victoria Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Adam  Velocity Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Eve Dreamascia Christensen Majestone - 62 Star Supreme Master Commander General

Free Hit Counter
Free Hit Counter

Orders from Chris Dwaine Christensen: Nebadon Universal Military 216 Star Supreme Ultimate Master Commander General: Universal Police Force Captain: Planetary Prince of Urantia (earth) =

1. Targets

A. All terrorists and terrorist organizations in the world, including the Middle East, etc.

B. All corrupt and murderous Government personnel in the world, including all dictators, kings, presidents, militaries, etc.

C. All drug cartels and drug dealers in the world, including Mexico, Columbia, etc.

D. All corrupt and iniquitous individuals, including satanic and secular religions, etc.

E. Target any Drone aircraft or device that attempts to kill U.S. citizens without due process of law. Update March 7th, 2013 – C.D.C.

F. Target all corrupt, evil, murderous & money worshiping companies, corporations & conglomerates - For example; “Monsanto, Haliburton, The Carlisle Group, Blackstone, Comcast, etc., etc., etc. - Update March 14th, 2015 - CDC

This order is to be executed and began by March 8th, 2013 & April 14th, 2014

Signed by,

Chris Dwaine Christensen, Planetary Prince – Owner, 216 Star Supreme Ultimate Master Commander General, Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Urantia Universal Military - Sovereign Chief and Captain of the Universal Police Force

 M8 Majestone Mobile Gun Systems Master Gunner & Owner

March 6th, 2013 6:21 PM MST USA HQ

***Stock Market to Crash around September 2015***

I predict that the Stock Market will crash around September 2015 because there will be a massive sell off because they will know that China will have the Global Currency "Yuan" announced in October by the IMF. Investors will pull out of U.S. Dollar investments before it drops in value and turn to more lucrative investments that may involve the Yuan currency.

~ Chris Dwaine Christensen 6-15-2015

***In 2014 the Federal Reserve lost $9 Trillion Dollars!!


Birankai Langilea Meghanada Alvis Rai Tormey Omniterean Sovescia Meghaleah Christensen

is the Supreme Being & He/She is now the Personalized Sovereign of the Grand Universe.

I am his First Officer & Assistant - I am the CEO of the Grand Universe.

Chris Dwaine Christensen - Majestone, Grand Universe CEO, Supreme Master Sovereign of the Local Universe of Nebadon,  Certified Sovereign Master Planetary Prince, 210 Star Supreme Ultimate Master Commander General, M8 Majestone Mobile Gun Systems Master Gunner, Command Chief Master Sergeant & Owner of the Urantia Universal Military, the Universal Police Force & the Urantia Planetary Government

*Stock Market Still Rigged To Crash - 2016

***I now the


DBA: Utah Chamber of Commerce


Copyright ©2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Paradise Universal Military & Police Forces

On June 24th, 2013 I, requested 2 x 12 Hosts of Angels to be stationed on Urantia to staff our new Military & Police Forces.

All 24 Hosts of Seraphim from Nebadon arrived today, July 1st, 2013 at 12:00 Noon.

Paradise Universal Military – 12 Hosts = 35,831,808 Pairs or 71,663,616 Individual Angel Soldiers.

Paradise Universal Police Force – 12 Hosts = 35,831,808 Pairs or 71,663,616 Individual Angel Police Officers

That gives us a total of 143,327,232 more Seraphim.

22,762,754,593 + 143,327,232 = 22,906,081,825 Total Forces Stationed on Urantia (& there are still others)

Official Bilderberg 2015 Membership List Released
Bilderberg List

Telfs-Buchen, Austria 11 - 14 June 2015

Final list of Participants


Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group FRA

Achleitner, Paul M. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG DEU

Agius, Marcus Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group GBR

Ahrenkiel, Thomas Director, Danish Intelligence Service (DDIS) DNK

Allen, John R. Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, US Department of State USA

Altman, Roger C. Executive Chairman, Evercore USA

Applebaum, Anne Director of Transitions Forum, Legatum Institute USA

Apunen, Matti Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA FIN

Baird, Zoë CEO and President, Markle Foundation USA

Balls, Edward M. Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer GBR

Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman, Impresa SGPS PRT

Barroso, José M. Durão Former President of the European Commission PRT

Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP FRA

Benko, René Founder, SIGNA Holding GmbH AUT

Bernabè, Franco Chairman, FB Group SRL ITA

Beurden, Ben van CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc NLD

Bigorgne, Laurent Director, Institut Montaigne FRA

Boone, Laurence Special Adviser on Financial and Economic Affairs to the President FRA

Botín, Ana P. Chairman, Banco Santander ESP

Brandtzæg, Svein Richard President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA NOR

Bronner, Oscar Publisher, Standard Verlagsgesellschaft AUT

Burns, William President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace USA

Calvar, Patrick Director General, DGSI FRA

Castries, Henri de Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings; Chairman and CEO, AXA Group FRA

Cebrián, Juan Luis Executive Chairman, Grupo PRISA ESP

Clark, W. Edmund Retired Executive, TD Bank Group CAN

Coeuré, Benoît Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank INT

Coyne, Andrew Editor, Editorials and Comment, National Post CAN

Damberg, Mikael L. Minister for Enterprise and Innovation SWE

De Gucht, Karel Former EU Trade Commissioner, State Minister BEL

Donilon, Thomas E. Former U.S. National Security Advisor; Partner and Vice Chair, O'Melveny & Myers LLP USA

Döpfner, Mathias CEO, Axel Springer SE DEU

Dowling, Ann President, Royal Academy of Engineering GBR

Dugan, Regina Vice President for Engineering, Advanced Technology and Projects, Google USA

Eilertsen, Trine Political Editor, Aftenposten NOR

Eldrup, Merete CEO, TV 2 Danmark A/S DNK

Elkann, John Chairman and CEO, EXOR; Chairman, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ITA

Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus Group DEU

Erdoes, Mary CEO, JP Morgan Asset Management USA

Fairhead, Rona Chairman, BBC Trust GBR

Federspiel, Ulrik Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S DNK

Feldstein, Martin S. President Emeritus, NBER;  Professor of Economics, Harvard University USA

Fischer, Heinz Federal President AUT

Flint, Douglas J. Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc GBR

Franz, Christoph Chairman of the Board, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd CHE

Fresco, Louise O. President and Chairman Executive Board, Wageningen University and Research Centre NLD

Griffin, Kenneth Founder and CEO, Citadel Investment Group, LLC USA

Gruber, Lilli Executive Editor and Anchor “Otto e mezzo”, La7 TV ITA

Guriev, Sergei Professor of Economics, Sciences Po RUS

Gürkaynak, Gönenç Managing Partner, ELIG Law Firm TUR

Gusenbauer, Alfred Former Chancellor of the Republic of Austria AUT

Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University NLD

Hampel, Erich Chairman, UniCredit Bank Austria AG AUT

Hassabis, Demis Vice President of Engineering, Google DeepMind GBR

Hesoun, Wolfgang CEO, Siemens Austria AUT

Hildebrand, Philipp Vice Chairman, BlackRock Inc. CHE

Hoffman, Reid Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn USA

Ischinger, Wolfgang Chairman, Munich Security Conference INT

Jacobs, Kenneth M. Chairman and CEO, Lazard USA

Jäkel, Julia CEO, Gruner + Jahr DEU

Johnson, James A. Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners USA

Juppé, Alain Mayor of Bordeaux, Former Prime Minister FRA

Kaeser, Joe President and CEO, Siemens AG DEU

Karp, Alex CEO, Palantir Technologies USA

Kepel, Gilles University Professor, Sciences Po FRA

Kerr, John Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power GBR

Kesici, Ilhan MP, Turkish Parliament TUR

Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc. USA

Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa USA

Knot, Klaas H.W. President, De Nederlandsche Bank NLD

Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.S. TUR

Kravis, Henry R. Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. USA

Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute USA

Kudelski, André Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group CHE

Lauk, Kurt President, Globe Capital Partners DEU

Lemne, Carola CEO, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise SWE

Levey, Stuart Chief Legal Officer, HSBC Holdings plc USA

Leyen, Ursula von der Minister of Defence DEU

Leysen, Thomas Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group BEL

Maher, Shiraz Senior Research Fellow, ICSR, King's College London GBR

Markus Lassen, Christina Head of Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Security Policy and Stabilisation DNK

Mathews, Jessica T. Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace USA

Mattis, James Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University USA

Maudet, Pierre Vice-President of the State Council, Department of Security, Police and the Economy of Geneva CHE

McKay, David I. President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada CAN

Mert, Nuray Columnist, Professor of Political Science, Istanbul University TUR

Messina, Jim CEO, The Messina Group USA

Michel, Charles Prime Minister BEL

Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg LP USA

Minton Beddoes, Zanny Editor-in-Chief, The Economist GBR

Monti, Mario Senator-for-life; President, Bocconi University ITA

Mörttinen, Leena Executive Director, The Finnish Family Firms Association FIN

Mundie, Craig J. Principal, Mundie & Associates USA

Munroe-Blum, Heather Chairperson, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board CAN

Netherlands, H.R.H. Princess Beatrix of the NLD

O'Leary, Michael CEO, Ryanair Plc IRL

Osborne, George First Secretary of State and Chancellor of the Exchequer GBR

Özel, Soli Columnist, Haberturk Newspaper; Senior Lecturer, Kadir Has University TUR

Papalexopoulos, Dimitri Group CEO, Titan Cement Co. GRC

Pégard, Catherine President, Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles FRA

Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute USA

Petraeus, David H. Chairman, KKR Global Institute USA

Pikrammenos, Panagiotis Honorary President of The Hellenic Council of State GRC

Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. CAN

Rocca, Gianfelice Chairman, Techint Group ITA

Roiss, Gerhard CEO, OMV Austria AUT

Rubin, Robert E. Co Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury USA

Rutte, Mark Prime Minister NLD

Sadjadpour, Karim Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace USA

Sawers, John Chairman and Partner, Macro Advisory Partners GBR

Sayek Böke, Selin Vice President, Republican People’s Party TUR

Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc. USA

Scholten, Rudolf CEO, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG AUT

Senard, Jean-Dominique CEO, Michelin Group FRA

Sevelda, Karl CEO, Raiffeisen Bank International AG AUT

Stoltenberg, Jens Secretary General, NATO INT

Stubb, Alexander Ministers of Finance FIN

Suder, Katrin Deputy Minister of Defense DEU

Sutherland, Peter D. UN Special Representative; Chairman, Goldman Sachs International IRL

Svanberg, Carl-Henric Chairman, BP plc; Chairman, AB Volvo SWE

Svarva, Olaug CEO, The Government Pension Fund Norway NOR

Thiel, Peter A. President, Thiel Capital USA

Tsoukalis, Loukas President, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy GRC

Üzümcü, Ahmet Director-General, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons INT

Vitorino, António M. Partner, Cuetrecasas, Concalves Pereira, RL PRT

Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB SWE

Weber, Vin Partner, Mercury LLC USA

Wolf, Martin H. Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times GBR

Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman and CEO, Wolfensohn and Company USA

Zoellick, Robert B. Chairman, Board of International Advisors, The Goldman Sachs Group USA

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SA10s & SA100s -

Our (Small Arms) pistol/rifle has some interesting features:

Power Ranges - Low, Medium & High

Distance - 1 through 10 miles (+ 0 - 1 Micro Adjustment) *Up to 100 Miles with the SA100s

Array Attunement - Narrow, Mid Sweep & Wide

Emission Type - Neuro1, Neuro2, Death1 & Death2

*With these settings SA10s can be used at close range to end a human subject's life without harming another human standing by or even touching the subject.

*These also have a Data ID Screen system where the target’s ID is entered so to verify subject to be hit.